Swimming in Stars; a riveting compilation of love, life, and poetry. This one is for the confused souls, the ones dealing with toxic relationships, and the ones recovering from the wrath of a sociopath. It's for the ones passionately in love; in love with the universe, in love with someone who doesn't love them back, and the ones learning to love themselves. You might be some. You might be all. This is a compilation of the deepest corners of my mind. These are the utterings of silent wings. Swimming in Stars, by J.K. Mann.



What People are Saying

I cannot speak enough about some of the monumental improvements that Swimming in Stars has helped to spark in my life. ... my friend was crying tears of joy only a short number of pages into the book because they said it had given them one of the greatest feelings of relief and comfort they have felt in many years.
A very important pattern that may be of help to women, and even men, who may feel trapped, sometimes willingly, in a relationship where exists unrequited love, or perhaps abuse.

You will enjoy this book if you enjoy raw truth and whimsical prose. Great read.
Its not a book, its a scripture! Soul put to words, pain painted, feelings drawn!
Moments after receiving the book, and opening up to a random page, i was hooked! Such an eloquent and well crafted collection of her words
I didn’t know what to expect when I first purchased this book, but it really blew me away. It’s easy to read and touches on all different aspects of life from relationships to self loathing to self improvement. I read a couple pages everyday before going to bed and it’s truly motivating. It really goes to show that although we are all on different paths in life, we all still face the same obstacles while also sharing similar moments of euphoria and happiness.