For Those Lost in Translation

They establish who you’re going to be before you’re even born. Then they give you a choice. A single choice. Pick one thing. Do it right. Don’t change your mind...too often. Now I’ve spent years reading articles, watching TED Talks, discussing with others about finding your passion. It’s always the hot topic. They say, "do what you love." There are those who have found that one thing, and there are others who have found they love everything.

What happens to those who are not particularly passionate about anything or everything? It seems if you don’t fit into one of those two categories you are doomed. Now I don’t just have one problem. I have two. Not only do I not find it difficult to adjust in the corporate world, I find it insanely frustrating that I cannot find a passion so strong I would drop everything for and make a living out of it. Sure, I love talking to people about their feelings but that doesn’t mean I want to spend every day exhausting my empathetic self. I love traveling but I don’t see myself making a living from being a lifestyle blogger. If I knew then, what I know now, I would’ve spent years cultivating several skills instead of the ones that the school system tried to force upon me. Imagine if from day one we got to spend more time doing what we were passionate about rather than the structural stuff they shove down your throats.

Maybe one day it’ll hit me and my life will all make sense. But is it so wrong to take each day as it comes and not know? Does that make me useless? We’ve been conditioned to be ashamed if we don’t know our purpose in life. People might mistake you as unambitious for feeling this way, but the funny thing is you’re probably one of the most passionate and hard-working when it comes to things you do enjoy. Maybe this is the mindset of a spiritual millennial. Maybe I’m the only one lost in translation. Maybe I’m not. Maybe I do not see my purpose confined in this lifetime alone, because I see this as a small piece of the larger picture that can be seen beyond space and time.

These are the inner workings of a highly spiritual, modern ENFP.