Why You Should Thank Your Childhood Bully

I couldn’t have done it without you and I mean that in the least sarcastic way possible.


You made me a dreamer.

My imagination saved me every time the humiliation was too much. Every time I felt the walls closing in on me I ran off to that happy place in my head and created the beautiful life I live today and I have you to thank for that. When you pushed me off the seat and made me sit in the aisle on the floor of the bus I mentally checked out. When you snatched my text books out of my hands and threw them on the ground I never cried until I got home and do you know what saved me then? Hogwarts. You were one of the reasons I started reading and writing. Who would’ve thought I’d end up self-publishing a poetry book.


You motivated me.

You’re the reason wanderlust became a part of my personality. You encouraged me to travel far and wide because I knew there had to be more to this world than the small town mentality filled with ignorant minds. You helped fuel my move to California which is closer to heaven on Earth than Michigan ever was. Minorities make up a large population here unlike Macomb. Minorities mean diversity so let’s just say I don’t get asked if I worship cows anymore but thank you for always asking.


You taught me no one’s worth changing for.

No matter how much I tried to dress like you guys, or how many times I let you cheat off my test you rejected me. I was never close to becoming a part of your clique but looking back I’m so glad because I might still be living in that small town, doing the same things with the same old people like you. That’s not where I wanted to end up so I’m glad I never had that option.

One more thing...

When you have kids I hope you teach them right from wrong because although I got through the bullying some of those kids won’t.