Hey, I'm Jasmine.

As you can probably already tell, I do a lot of different things. That's the beauty of living in a world where we have access to so much. My belief is that we are multi-dimensional beings meant to do more than just one thing. I aim to live a life where work and passion are one in the same. Now that you know some of my viewpoints in life let me break down a few of the things I actually do.

  • I Mean Business: I grow social media accounts, create cool marketing campaigns for brands, and specialize in Supply Chain Management i.e. global sourcing, logistics, and distribution of products. I even help people self-publish books and mange their personal brands. Let's work together!

  • I Play Pretend: Three years ago I moved to Los Angeles and I haven't looked back since. My new home base has helped pave the way for my creative endeavors such as acting, modeling, and dancing. In 2015, I was crowned Miss India North America. 

  • I Write My Heart Out: I believe in the human experience and that all of our journey's are connected through the cosmos. After years of writing for myself, I decided to self-publish Swimming in Stars to showcase the essence of both the human and spiritual experience for others. The compilation of my writings are for those passionately in love: in love with the universe, in love with someone who doesn't love them back, and the ones learning to love themselves. 


Business Development

So you want to grow your personal or business brand? Or maybe you're a writer who wants to self-publish their own book. Let's get you started!

Creative Work

I had the pleasure of taking acting classes at a great studio in LA, but have always been a natural in front of the camera. Check out my portfolio and let's create something!


Read some of my latest posts here. I write about everything from fashion to feelings and more!


Swimming in Stars


“Because beginning on page 89 of “Swimming in Stars,” I detected a pattern emerging. A very important pattern that may be of help to women, and even men, who may feel trapped, sometimes willingly, in a relationship where exists unrequited love, or perhaps abuse.”